Newsletter December 2015

1.  Calls

Thankyou to all who have paid this year’s levy. There were 2 shareholders who had credit from last year and 1 shareholder who has yet to pay, but I am sure that will happen at some stage. That leaves us with enough in our 3 accounts which should cover any emergencies should they arise.

2.  AGM

After enjoying a weeks good camping on KI for our recent AGM, it was recommended by those present to hold the next one during the school holidays and if possible at the time of a full moon. This makes it the weekend of October 15th and 16th with the AGM on Saturday 15th. By rotation the 2016 AGM will be at Rockleigh. This is somewhat later than usual and could put us in a spell of hot weather. Let me know if you think we have got it wrong!

3. Property Coordinators

Each of our properties has a Property Coordinator:-

Tothills: John Smyth,

KI: Deb Sleeman

Rockleigh: Bren Lay

The following people have agreed to work with those coordinators as able and when required:

Tothills; Andrew Wurst, Tom &Alison Bullock & Steve White

KI: James Doube, John Matheson & Reiko Hosokawa

Rockleigh: Graham White, Elizabeth Lay, Tom Reeves & Marg Brown

Each group becomes a Local Management Committee to work closely with the Board of Directors in helping to make decisions and see that work is done. There are many other shareholders who are happy to help out on special projects, eg tree planting. If you would like to be a part of any of these groups please let me or any other Director know and I will add your name. It is hoped that whenever some work needs to be done that I can get an email out to all shareholders inviting you to help. That brings me to the next topic.

4. Emails

If you do not have an email you will miss out on some notices as mentioned above. You may like to organize with a neighbour or relative to have such messages sent to their email address. If you do, please let me know the address so I can see that you are informed. Newsletters will still be posted where required.5New Member

5. New Members:

We welcome Jennifer Shaw as the newest member of our group, having bought Sonia and Tim Croft’s shareholding. We hope she and husband John Lyon enjoy their association with us.

If anyone wants to increase their shareholding please let me know as it may give an option in the sale of a large shareholding.

6.Web Site

The possibility of a web site for Bushland was mooted at the AGM in the Tothills some 4 years ago. After a good deal of preliminary work by Janet and lots of help from Pam Robinson, Alison Bullock offered to take on the project and is at the stage where she is looking for photographs.

Alison is looking for any photos of good resolution with an indication of where it was taken, what the subject is and if possible when it was taken. If it is a people photo please identify the subjects where possible. If you want to be acknowledged as the photographer please let Alison know.

She does not guarantee to publish all photos but will keep them all on file so they can be accessed if needed.

So please dig up your photos of rocks and plants, birds and other animals, people and scenery and whatever else you may have which are relevant to Bushland.

Thank you.

I will be in Tasmania from 11th Dec to 5th January.

All the best for Christmas and the New Year,