2020 August newsletter

A very successful working bee was conducted in beautiful weather over the weekend. My sincere thanks to John, David, Andrew, Barbara, Michelle, Janet, Marg, Tom B, Peter, and Neil for all their hard work and good company. We managed to construct and install 100 large mesh guards. This involved weeding around the plants first, perhaps removing old guards and in the case of the smaller old mesh guards, installing them on other needy plants.

David and I also managed to spray the false caper along the roadside and where it had impinged on our land adjacent to the road. A couple of bridal creeper plants and the odd boxthorn were also removed.

Amid all the hard work there were many flowering shrubs to admire, with the Senecios covering broad areas of the land. A bird list of some 60 species was also compiled. Most interesting among the birds was the presence of 4 different cuckoo species and a spotted nightjar. Peter was also witness to the mating flight of a pair of Australian Hobbies (Little Falcons).


senecio rockleigh   Senecio                         rockleigh Pimelea strictaPimelea stricta

Friends of Private Bushland

A couple of weeks ago 20 members of this group arrived at Rockleigh for a morning tour and lunch. Bren Lay led a very informative and interesting walk around the property. It was a very pleasant way to meet the dedicated members of this group. One thing I learned, though unfortunately a bit late, is that kangaroos will latch onto the base of a plant and rake their teeth up the stem. If they don’t uproot it they effectively ring bark it. And so, the demise of what had been some lovely young callitris from which the corflute guards had recently been removed, was explained.

As of today, 10 members have yet to pay their annual fee. Many thanks to all who have paid.

AGM reminder

Covid19 permitting, the AGM will be held in the Tothills at 1:30pm on Saturday October 3rd.

All the best