2021 July Newsletter

The very timely rains have delivered 57mm to Rockleigh. It is just what we need for the big planting weekend. We hope to see you there on Saturday (3rd July) and/or the Sunday.

Annual Maintenance Fee

The annual fee is due as of July 1st and remains at $100 per shareholding. I am happy to receive payments at any time once you receive this newsletter. One of the least rewarding and most time consuming tasks is chasing up late payments so prompt payment is always appreciated. For methods of payment please check the emailed newsletter. Thank you.

I do my best to acknowledge all payments as soon as possible, but as I will be in Tasmania from July 15th to Aug 12th, payments made in this period may have to await acknowledgement until I return.


Camera Donation

This year we are also asking you to consider make a donation to sponsor a camera. Sponsored cameras are an initiative of the cat eradication group and will be used to monitor bandicoot sites as a priority. Such cameras also pick up details of other animals of interest such as echidnas and feral cats. These cameras are expensive as they automatically send data back to the researchers. At a cost of about $1800, a donation of $40 per shareholding would allow us to sponsor one camera, so please would you consider donating $40 or more.


In the words of Peter Vincent-

“I personally see the protection of what appears to be the last remaining bandicoot population on Dudley Peninsula as the top priority.  Clearing out the feral cats from Dudley Peninsula, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, provides the opportunity to re-populate the peninsula from the remaining bandicoots on our property, if they survive.  This would be a fantastic outcome and a clear demonstration of the benefits of heritage agreements and of public and private cooperation on conservation efforts.”

As a group, we have done little to assist with this significant effort to eradicate cats. This is one way we can help. (On the other hand, through the foresight of John, Robert (Alf) and others we have preserved the habitat!) If we don’t make the target, the Board will make a decision on whether to top up the amount from our savings or give the donated money to the general cat eradication fund.

For the sake of the book-keeping, please just make a single payment of the annual fee combined with your donation. Anything over the $100 I will assume is for the camera unless you email me otherwise. I am very aware and thankful to those of you who normally pay well above the annual fee.


Dr James Smith, who is heading up the cat eradication program, has agreed to be guest speaker at our AGM on Saturday 2nd Oct.

All the best