2021 August newsletter

Hello Everyone,


The AGM on KI is fast approaching and hopefully arrives before any lockdowns. As there is a special resolution to consider at the AGM, I am getting in early on the 21 days notification required.

The special resolution is “to accept the proposed new constitution for Bushland Conservation Pty Ltd”. You will find a proxy form in the email attachments if you wish to vote and are unable to attend. The proxy form needs to be returned to me by 29th September as I will be travelling to KI the next day. To be passed, the resolution must be approved by 75% of those voting.

Our proposed new Constitution was emailed to all members on Wednesday June 23rd, together with a brief background from the Board. Comments and questions are still welcome. If you would like another copy of the proposed new Constitution or a copy of the current Constitution, please either phone or email me.

In the email I have attached a copy of the Financial Statement.

Directors retiring due to rotation are David Smyth and Bill Blessing. After 7 years on the Board, several as Chair, Bill is not renominating. David Smyth and Peter Vincent have nominated. If you would like to nominate as a director, please let me know.

I am due to retire as secretary, but with no offers of a replacement as yet, I am willing to continue that role for another year, but that is it!

I have attached the usual directions for getting to the KI campsite. If you have not booked a ferry passage for your car, be aware that bookings are tight due to the long weekend and school holidays. Arrangements can be made to pick people up and drop them back to Penneshaw on the day if required. Let me know if you need assistance in this respect.

Dr James Smith, who is managing the cat eradication program, has agreed to be our guest speaker on the day.


Plans for the Sunday are as follows:

In the recent past we have had an open day. However, the KI Wildlife Network has organized their major fund raiser for the year on that day. The focus of their fund-raising is the little penguin. KI Wildlife Network is the group that bought the block of land between our property and the Wilson River

We have no wish to compete with them in any way and some of us may well like to attend their fundraiser. You can get all the details on the following website: https://www.kiwildlifenetwork.com/ki-wildlife-carnival.

If staying around the camp-site, there are always plenty of interesting walks to do.


Annual Maintenance Fee

At this stage I have had 36 members pay and sufficient donations to fund one camera. May I remind others that payment would be appreciated as soon as possible.

Thanks. (The fee is $100)


Peter Vincent, and others, have been busy applying for Revitalising Private Conservation Land grants. We have applied for funds to build a large enclosure at Rockleigh to house a seed orchard and a grant to fund more cameras for KI to aid in the cat eradication and bandicoot monitoring. Both grants also incorporate an application to fund new signs and on Rockleigh, guards and plant growing.

Meanwhile the work done on Rockleigh is looking good, helped no doubt by good follow-up rains exceeding 60mm. The wattles have been putting on an excellent display and orchids are there to be found.

All the best