2022 April newsletter

Greetings all,

I will start with a few dates for the diary and then elaborate.

Small working bee at Rockleigh       Saturday 14th May

          Big working bee at Rockleigh          Saturday / Sunday 25th /26th June

          AGM at Rockleigh                           Saturday 1st October 1:30pm

14th May

The purpose of this working bee is to repair the eroded track, erect a 25m x 25m exclosure and put kangaroo mesh guards around the Alocasuarinas planted last year. (The ‘roos are already pruning them as they top the corflute guard). We, the local management group, don’t need a lot of help but some would be greatly appreciated. We hope to start at 9am but any time is good. If you meet us on the track to the old campsite, jobs can be allocated.

25th / 26th June           The big planting weekend

We will have in the order of 1000 seedlings to plant out thanks to GWLAP, Nic and Angela, Ian Roberts, Barbara Bansemer and Bren Lay. GWLAP will again be supplying the grunt work by preparing the scrapes and auguring holes but we need lots of help getting the plants in, watered and guarded.


Apologies to those with other commitments on this long weekend but the Board felt this was the best weekend to coincide with school holidays here and in NSW.

More news

The Board has recently given the go ahead for a deer cull in the Tothills (see last newsletter) at an approximate cost of $3000 for the year. We are also in the process of renewing the signs on all the properties. This is particularly relevant to KI where pressure is building from 4WDrivers and bikes. The cost is going to be in the vicinity of $2000. The Board has also given the go ahead to the Rockleigh group to erect a 25m x 25 exclosure  for grasses and to repair the track at a combined cost of about $700.

Given that our current annual fee of $100 barely covers ongoing expenses, the Board has made the decision to up this fee to $150. This fee is not due until July 1st and more information will be printed in an up-coming newsletter.

Back to Rockleigh

We were fortunate to get 10mm of rain a week ago and should have had a similar amount in the last 24 hours or so. This is excellent for the new plantings which are looking fantastic. Nic and Angela have been visiting most weeks to plant out seedlings, mainly grasses, but Senecios and Sennas as well, which they have grown and are too big to wait until the end of June. I was down there last week and mowed the area where the exclosure will go. Bren and I will spray the area next week so the 500 odd grasses that N & A still have can be planted as soon as possible.


Steve White is retiring at the end of his term this year so we will be looking for a new person to join the Board. New ASIC regulations require new directors to acquire a registration ID. This can be done by googling Director registration or by going to asic.gov.au and clicking on director registration under “features” on the page that comes up. So if you are interested please apply.

This year will also be my last as Secretary. Peter Vincent has agreed to take on that role. I will still have a year of my 3 year term as a director and will stay on as such. I am very grateful to Peter for accepting that responsibility and am sure he will be excellent in that role.

All the best,