August 2022

AGM and open day

A reminder that the AGM is on Saturday 1st October at Rockleigh.  The 2 main agenda items will be 3 amendments to the Constitution passed last year and the election of directors. That newsletter will also have a proxy form and instructions for those wishing to vote but unable to attend. We also intend to hold an open day on the Sunday. More details in the next newsletter.

The Annual Fee

At the time of writing, I have received payment from 23 shareholdings as well as many generous donations. It would be great to wrap up these payments prior to the AGM. So please, if you have not paid, could you do so on receipt of this newsletter. Thank you.

Deer culls and foxes

Our roo shooter in the Tothills,  has shot several deer and, while at it, 17 foxes! It is good to have these pests removed but unfortunately the fox numbers do not appear to change significantly even with some 60 baits taken last year. Consequently, we are suspending the baiting program this year to see what happens. Andrew’s cameras will tell the story.

Meanwhile on Rockleigh, another deer shooter has removed 1 young red deer on his first visit. The shooter  has been successfully hunting deer for over 10 years and is an expert on their habits, calls and tracks. He also hopes to remove the cat that has been recently sighted on the property.

A change to the Management Plan, Green Folder.

You will recall that our reliance on the CPI to fix a share price was scrapped 3 years ago on legal advice. We were remiss in not realising that it is still mentioned in the Management Plans for each property. We ask you to cross out or delete the last sentence in paragraph 3 on page 2 of the KI plan, paragraph 1, page 2 of the Tothills plan and paragraph 5, bottom of page 4 of the Rockleigh plan. Thank you.


Recent work carried out at Rockleigh has included the spraying of false caper and soursobs, particularly on the roadsides, but also small incursions into the property; clearing fence lines of fallen trees, removing most guards from Bill’s (Matheson) patch and the erection of kangaroo and wallaby mesh guards on last year’s plantings where required. Andrew has also completed the annual spraying of soursobs in the Tothills.

Growing Plants for 2023

We are looking for volunteers to grow plants for Rockleigh next year. Nic and Ange have volunteered to grow some 200 mixed Eucalypts plus a heap of kangaroo grasses. We are looking for people to grow Accacia argyrophylla, A. euthycarpa, A. paradoxa and A. pycnantha. If we could also get some Dodonea and Allocasuarina in the mix, so much the better. Please let me know if you are able to help and how many you are prepared to grow. We have the seed and can supply the pots and soils if needed. Thank you.