(R) Bushfires, research and other information

Maintenance of Biodiversity

The biodiversity of the land is very high; at least 210 plant species have been recorded, including 60 of conservation significance in the Murray Region botanical district and several of State significance . A recently published revegetation strategy for the Mount Lofty Ranges recommends protection of blocks of remnant vegetation as a high priority (Ellis, 2000).

Several species recorded here are ‘firsts’ for the Murray Region and are not yet rated.

The significant vegetation associations include the Banksia marginata woodland on deep sand and the Melaleuca brevifolica woodland along the creek. There are significant stands of Eucalyptus porosa , E. fasciculosa , E. Leucoxylon and Callitris preissii.

In 2013 , fourteen years after the land was acquired by the company a bushfire swept through the area destroying much of the hard work that had been done.

In 2013 a then PhD student Grace Hodder studying at the Adelaide University began working on Diamond firetails.