2022 January Newsletter

Greetings all,

Happy New Year everyone. If nothing else it will be “interesting”.

  • The Rockleigh Management Group spent yesterday reinstating the “wells” or “sumps” around last year’s plantings to facilitate the watering which GWLAP and volunteers will be doing on the 22nd January. Many of the wells were completely filled in with sand washed down by the rains late last year. The survival rate among the plantings is very high which is very pleasing.
  •  GWLAP are growing around 1000 plants for this year, Nic and Angela some 500 and Barbara Bansemer 100, so we will be looking for plenty of volunteers come July.

Peter Vincent stayed on for some bird watching yesterday In his words

Fascinating to watch a pair of bee-eaters living up to their name.  Perfectly positioned to gorge themselves on bees coming and going from a hive in a dead tree.  Very acrobatic, rarely missed.

A few juvenile birds about, at least 5 young Diamond Firetails, at least 8 hooded Robin (2 eggs per clutch, so at least 4 nesting pair).  Two young goldfinches, unfortunately.  May be nesting on our property.  Two straw-necked ibis circling overhead but seemed to be just passing through.

We are yet to hear from the Powers that Be whether we have been successful in our grant applications for Rockleigh and KI despite them having had the recommendations from the Nature Foundation in their hands for some 10 weeks. We have nevertheless gone ahead with the preparation of new signs although it is still in the final stages of sorting out what actually goes on them. More on that as progress is made. (note: unfortunately we were not successful on this occasion as we have been informed subsequent to this newsletter)

I Hope you  all received Andrew’s newsletter giving a run down on the Tothill cameras and their observations. Many thanks for that Andrew. You may remember that the Dunnart team on KI has posted cameras on our property. A Western Pygmy Possum was observed along with native bush rat, echidna, Rosenberg goanna and of course, cats. The possum and rat are new to our mammal list for the property.


New rules for Directors

Directors must have a registration ID.

This can be done by googling Director registration or by going to asic.gov.au and clicking on director registration under “features” on the page that comes up. Current directors have until Nov. this year to register but new directors will need to have their ID before they can be elected.

Those attending last year’s AGM will recall that a vote of thanks was unanimously declared for the work Nic and Angela had put into last year’s planting. They were wrapped to receive the “thank you” card prepared by Bren and Bis and for the accompanying voucher for a meal at the local tavern. Their work continues with seed from some 50 species already collected for next year’s planting, and, as already mentioned, some 500 seedlings on the way for this year.

That about sums it all up.

All the best,


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