2022 May Newsletter

The working bee on Saturday was a great success thanks to the 9 volunteers and, despite the forecast, the weather was very pleasant. The track has been repaired, with good run-off areas for the water. The sides of the track have been cleared of intruding vegetation. The exclosure is up and sporting 500 native grasses. There are, however, still 50 kangaroo guards to put in place on last year’s plantings. My personal thanks to all who helped out. It is always a very friendly and capable group and a great chance to catch up. It also shows the depth of skills and dedication present in our membership.

Planting day 25th June          Start time 10.00am

I have attached a map of Rockleigh with a rough outline (in red) as to the planting area and how to get there (see email). I have also placed posts with a fluoro green painted tops at the relevant turns. As the track into the actual planting area is very sandy and steep we are asking that you park in the area indicated on the map and walk down. If you have to drive down to off-load gear, please engage 4WD to avoid excess churning up of the sand.

Peter and Bren will be organizing things on the day so if you have any queries please contact them. Peter’s mobile is 0419 500 597 and Bren’s is 0430 595 947. I will be away for all of June, returning in early July.

As mentioned last newsletter, GWLAP will be doing the scrapes and holes, so for planting you will need gloves (if preferred), a trowel, a hammer for putting up corflute guards and a bucket for water. I’m sure there will be spares of everything (except gloves) if you don’t have the gear. If feeling energetic, please bring a mattock, as the GWLAP team may need some help and scrapes are often missed.

The annual fee

I will put out a newsletter in early July asking for payment. I will then be home to keep track of, and acknowledge, payments as they come in.

A “Thank-you”

I would like to thank all volunteers, but particularly those on the management committees, who give freely of their time and often foot considerable costs in travelling to properties and carrying out maintenance work. They also pay the annual fee. A special mention goes to Nic and Angela for all their work in collecting and sowing seed, growing and planting seedlings and their untold hours of donated time and travel. Well done everyone.

All the best,