August 2015 newsletter

Greetings All,


I hope you are all surviving the cold wet weather that Winter has brought. Kerry and I have just come back from the Arctic and I reckon the coldest day we experienced was Adelaide on the day we returned!


The main purpose of this newsletter is to supply the latest details on the program surrounding the AGM on KI. If it also prompts some more payments of the $100 annual payment it will save me a lot of phone calls.


The Program:

Tues    Several members arrive to camp and a bush loo will be set up.

Wed    Nothing organized but I know that John Smyth and Marg Brown (and cakes) will arrive.

Thurs  Visit the bush property of Dr Richard Glatz and Janine McIntosh at 10am. Dr Glatz will be speaking        at the AGM and they will both hopefully join us for the evening meal.

Fri       Visit The Moth site.

Sat       Walk led by John in the morning

AGM at 1:30pm

Shared evening meal. See below for latest news on this.

Sun      Expecting about 20 visitors, mostly from the Island. They will join us at the camp site at about         10am for cake, cuppa and a chat before breaking into groups for a walk. Please feel free to join them          and fill them in on details of our company and properties.

Mon    Tom Reeves has offered to show anyone interested around his nearby property. We will pool           vehicles and meet at his gate at 11am.

Tues    Most will be going or will have gone home.


Bill Blessing has generously offered to supply and cook steak, his specialty, and sausages for all present at the evening meal on Saturday. The rest of us may like to cook veges, prepare salads or supply desserts. Please choose one to contribute, ie veg. or salad or dessert, and let’s hope we get a good mix. Anyone not into such a meal please bring food of your own choice. There will be several options for cooking.


In the last newsletter I asked people to bring copies of up to 5 interesting photos taken over the past 40 years or any artefacts, historical documents, etc. This is a reminder that we would still like to have these to make up a display.


I have also attached the directions on how to get to the property in case you have lost the last lot.


I have not had any requests for transport to or from the ferry at either end. Please let me know if you need to be picked up or delivered.



This is a reminder that the annual call for $100 is due. If finances are currently a problem please let me know. The Board has the discretion to waive or delay at least part of the call in extenuating circumstances.


Many thanks to those who have already paid.


Election of Directors

Unfortunately, at this stage, no-one has nominated with the express purpose of taking over the secretarial role next year but both Bill Blessing and Janet Pedler have renominated for the 2 positions they vacate.


All the best to everyone, and for those coming to the AGM I hope you have a pleasant crossing.





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