February 2023 Newletter

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Firstly, I would like to extend a huge thank you to Graham White, who has been diligently preparing
the newsletter and keeping us all informed about the Bushland Conservation news for many years
now, as part of his role as company secretary.

I have met many of you but look forward to meeting those that I haven’t at a company volunteer day
or the next AGM. In the meantime, I will endeavour to keep you up to date with what is happening in
the company through the newsletter and other notifications and reminders.

Company News

New company email address
Please note that the company has a new email address bushlandconservation1975@gmail.com.
This email address will now be used for all formal company notifications and all communications
coming from the company secretary.

Please also be reminded that the official Bushland Conservation website can be found at http://
www.bushlandconservation.org.au/. We have been busy designing and updating this site. There are
plans to further build up the functionality of this site to assist in communicating with members and
providing more comprehensive access to relevant company documents.

Board Changes
The board changes announced at the AGM have now been completed with M. B. resigning
and both C. K. and T.R. taking up roles as directors. We welcome the two new
board members.
Marg was a valuable contributor to the board during her tenure of over 12 years and her involvement
was much appreciated. A “Thank you” letter was presented to Marg at a recent field visit to inspect a
conservation property in the mid North.

Next AGM
A reminder that the next AGM will be held at the Tothills property. The timing and details will be
confirmed at a later date.

Annual Fee

Thank you to all those who have paid the annual fee of $150 for 2022/2023. In particular, thank you
to those members who have made donations in addition to the annual membership fee. These fees
are critical to the management of the properties, the general running of the company and to support
ongoing conservation projects such as the re-vegetation of Rockleigh. Unfortunately there is still
small number of unpaid membership fees.

Official Notifications
The company needs to maintain a register of contact details for offical notifications. Please ensure
that you update the company of any changes in address or contact details so that all members
receive official notifications.
Can you please provide me with the latest contact details of the following people if you know their
whereabouts: Ross Berkefeld, Andrew Moylen and Lynn Pedler.

Sale of Shares
There are a number of interested buyers for shares in Bushland Conservation who would like to be
actively involved in the company. Bushland Conservation does not get involved directly in any
negotiations on the sale of members shares. However, please contact me if you are considering
selling your shares, and I can put you in touch with potential buyers. The last sale of shares was at a
price of $69 per share.

Property Reports
New signs have been created and installed on all properties to replace the ageing ones. Thank you
to the property coordinators and volunteers involved in this project. These signs make it clear that
there should be no unauthorised access. Unauthorised access is becoming more of an issue for the
company, mainly on our Kangaroo Island Property, where there is significant concern about erosion
and damage to the vegetation from 4WD vehicles and motorbikes.

Kangaroo Island
Deb Sleeman, the KI Property Coordinator, has been working with the PhD student to set up study
sites on the Bushland Conservation property for data gathering for the Rosenberg’s goanna research
project. Feed-back will be provided once the study has been completed.
The cat eradication project is progressing well, with our donated cameras being put to good use.
Sensors have now been installed on the traps, allowing the project team to know whether a trap is
open or closed. This has reduced the requirement for unnecessary travel and traffic on the tracks.
The use of dogs to track cats on the property will only be required towards the end of the project, if at
all. There is no intention to use dogs for widespread hunting of cats. The dogs are specifically
trained for the purpose of very targeted tracking based on specific camera trap sightings.

The significant re-vegetation projects that the company has undertaken in recent years have been
well supported by favourable rainfall through spring and into summer. Hopefully, with further rain,
there will not be a requirement for watering but a call may still go out for volunteer watering day!
Approximately 1500 plants are currently being grown by volunteers for the 2023 planting season. This
is a substantial effort and thanks go to volunteer growers. Some of these are grasses which will be
planted in the exclosures that have now been erected. There will also be a substantial number of
tube stock that will need to be planted, with guards installed. Planting days provide a good
opportunity to visit Rockleigh and contribute to the re-vegetation effort. More details will be provided
closer to the planting days.

Unfortunately deer have become an increasing problem in many parts of the state. This includes the
Tothills, where feral deer are causing substantial damage. In addition to managing the native
vegetation and landscape, Bushland Conservation has an obligation as a landholder to remove feral
deer from its properties. The company has engaged a shooter to control feral pests on the Tothills.
With the support of the property coordinator Andrew Wurst and making use of camera traps, this
programme is now achieving some success.