October 2022

Greetings all,

Welcome to my last newsletter as the out-going Secretary. This is to give a summary of the AGM weekend. First up, the weather was amazing! Friday saw fog in the valley which was soon overtaken by an all over, dense fog which fortunately quickly cleared to a lovely day as were the next 3.

The AGM went very smoothly with 38 people present representing 18 shareholdings. Ages ranged from 8 to 92 with several “next generation” members present including 3 generations of the Brown and Ragless clans. I suppose that there were 3 generations of the White clan present too, albeit uncle and nephews. It is always good to see Brodie at the AGM as a young and interested teenager. We had members and visitors from Sydney, Canberra, KI and other wide-ranging places across the state. The minutes are attached so you can see in more detail what went on. Bren began proceedings with a very interesting talk on the establishment of his and Elizabeth’s Harrogate block, the devastation of the Cudlee Creek fire and the good work being done, along with their neighbours, with the help of a “Revitalising Private Conservation” grant.

It was lovely to welcome John and Meg, and their daughters Cathy and Belinda who were attending their first AGM as shareholders. Cathy and Tom Reeves were elected as directors. John and Meg were presented with an Honorary Membership to our Company for their 38 years of continuous service.

I resigned as Secretary and Peter Vincent has taken on that role. We wish Peter and the new directors all the best and thank Steve White and Marg Brown for all the work they have done in their time as directors.

Nic talked to the booklet that she and Angela had produced, and our thanks go to our member, Cameron White, and Fuji/Xerox for the complimentary printing there-of. The booklet is a beginner’s guide to flowering plants on Rockleigh, describing some 100 of the 300 plants listed for the property. More-over, they have established an unobtrusive walking trail near the campsite where some 60 of the plants can be seen in a 10 minute walk. These plants are named and numbered, that number corresponding to the page in the booklet. Many thanks Nic and Angela for all your work and the excellence of the product.

Between official duties, birdwatching, botanising and guided walks were the go. Denzel Murfet spent many fruitless hours searching for a particular spider orchid ( Caladenia tentaculata) known to have been on the property but wound up with 2 specimens of  C. verrucosa and 1 species new to the property, another spider orchid, C. stricta. It is just a shame that only 1 of one of this species was found. Not good odds for successful breeding! Denzel also added Cranberry Heath, Astroloma humifusum, to the plant list. The birders clocked up 65 species for the 4 days with the migratory Rainbow Bee-eater, White winged Triller and Rufous Song Lark being highlights. A complete list is attached.

The Sunday was to be an open day with a number of groups and individuals invited. Only one couple, associated with the Nature Foundation, turned up, but I guess expecting people to give up a long weekend at the beginning of the school holidays is asking a lot. Nonetheless, a great walk was had and a convivial evening was enjoyed with the visiting couple staying to camp. Everyone finally departed on the Monday.

Thanks to everyone who made the weekend a success and thank you members for being such a diverse, friendly, supportive and knowledgeable mob. I have enjoyed my time as secretary (well, most of it!) and really appreciated the response to newsletters etc. The Company has a real community feel to it and the volunteers do an amazing job, often at some personal expense. For those of you unable to help at the likes of working bees, maintenance, etc, please do your best to help by donations, encouragement, growing plants, helping attract grants – whatever talents you can bring to bear. Thank you.

All the best


PS Plant growers: If anyone would like to grow more plants, we have a variety of seed available. Please contact Peter Vincent on 0419 500 597 or bushlandconservation1975@gmail.com