Newsletter March 2018

2018 AGM

The Board met in February and set the date of the AGM as the 6th October. This is the Saturday of the middle weekend of the school holidays. As reported in the last newsletter it will be held on our property on KI. As it is school holidays you may need to book the ferry early but it does not clash with the long weekend which is the weekend before, Monday 1st being Labour Day. For anyone able to come but not wishing to take their car, arrangements can be made to collect you when the ferry docks or to organise a ride all the way with some-one else.

Tree Planting

We are hoping to arrange a tree planting weekend at Rockleigh during the period 22nd June and 9th July. Just when will depend largely on how the season develops and may well be earlier or later. On the Sunday Doreen Matheson is hoping to scatter Bill’s ashes but more on this later. The planting will be a memorial to Bill and take place below the old campsite. Apart from planting, we hope to be able to remove and reuse a lot of guards from dead plants or those big enough to do without. Several of us will be camping over the weekend. We encourage you to join us and invite family and friends to either camp with us or join us for the day. We would encourage the younger people to enjoy our property and learn more of our Company’s vision to restore and conserve our land.

Management Plans

The updated Management Plans have been completed and copies delivered to those who requested them. Digital copies have been made available as attachments to newsletters over the last 12 months. The revised “History” is attached to this one. Again, many thanks to all the people who contributed to make this possible.

KI Land Sale

As you may well be aware by now, Minister Hunter stopped the sale of the coastal fringe to the Company wishing to establish the golf course. Thank you to all those who sent submissions and for the positive response from many members to the Company’s submission. The Minister acknowledged the fact that it was the receipt of so many submissions that was the key to his decision.

My Absence

I am going to be away for a large proportion of this year as follows:

March 11th to April 15th;        April 24th to June 17th;           July 13th to approximately Aug 27th

For the first lot I can be contacted by phone and email; for the second email only and for the third I will have no communication other than by satellite phone. If you have any issues, please contact our chair, Bill Blessing.