Company Charter



Bushland Conservation Pty Ltd was incorporated in Adelaide on August 18th, 1975 as False Cape Conservation Pty Ltd. The memorandum of association states, inter alia, that:

“the sole object for which the company is established is to purchase and/or lease land in its natural state in order to secure the same from agricultural exploitation and to protect and preserve existing landscape, flora and fauna.”

The following aims are now recognized as essential components in achieving the company’s original objective and must guide our actions:

  1. To take every action necessary to preserve the biodiversity of the ecosystems contained within the native bushland on company holdings by employing appropriate management strategies.
  2.  To effectively control pest plant and animal populations within these systems and assist in control of pest populations that might invade these systems.
  3.  To, wherever possible, stabilise, revegetate and rehabilitate any degraded areas of land within company holdings.
  4.  Offer the natural systems the strongest possible legal protection the company can provide by establishing Heritage agreements on all holdings and acquiring freehold title to the land wherever possible.
  5.  To seek no gain from the investment in the company other than maintaining the value of shareholder investment through linking the share price to the Consumer Price Index.
  6.  To allow shareholders to enjoy recreational access to the natural habitat owned by the company provided that they adhere to the Code of Behaviour so as not to endanger its well being.
  7.  To value and cultivate the sense of shared ownership and purpose within the company community.
  8.  To value and cultivate the acquired knowledge that stems from experiences of, and interactions between, shareholders.
  9.  To apply our company’s knowledge and experience to the management of other land wherever appropriate or feasible, and make available company records of flora and fauna to interested parties.
  10.  To offer information about the company and its actions to neighbouring landowners and other community members and encourage them to adopt similar management practices.
  11.  If property and opportunity arises, the protection afforded by this company should be extended to adjacent areas of native vegetation, either by purchase, or by consultation with other landholders.
  12.  To inform the wider community about the existence and nature of our company and assist other interested groups in setting up similar companies with similar aims, sharing resources wherever practicable.