(R) Vegetation


Photo: Triodea  Plain  (G White)

On the upper slopes of the south eastern part of the property there is a Eucalyptus porosa (Mallee Box) woodland. It occurs as a pure stand or mixed with E. fasciculosa (Pink Gum) and Allocasuarina verticillata (Drooping She-oak), although the latter two species also form dominant stands creating a complex vegetation mosaic in this area.

A small area of E. porosa on the sandy soils has a completely different understorey in marked contrast to that on the rises.

A Banksia marginata (Silver Banksia) woodland occurs on the northern side of the creek in an area of deep sand >3m. Although it is the dominant tree, it sometimes forms mixed stands with Callitris preissii (Southern Cypress Pine). Banksia marginata woodland is poorly conserved in South Australia (Neagle , 1995).

A woodland comprising Callitris preissii with/without Eucalyptus leucoxylon (SA Blue Gum) and E. fasciculosa occurs adjacent to the creeks.

In the creek lines there is a Melaleuca brevifolia (Short-leaf Honey-myrtle) woodland, with some portions sparse, but others dense and in very good condition. Near the dam there is a small stand of Eucalyptus camaldulensis (River Red Gum).


Vegetation Associations present on Rockleigh Property

Vegetation Association   Area (ha)

Eucalyptus camaldulensis Woodland        0.5 ha

Eucalyptus porosa +/- Allocasuarina verticilata +/- E. fasciculosa Woodland     40.0 ha

Callitris preissii   +/- Eucalyptus leucoxylon Woodland    40.0 ha

Banksia marginata Woodland      8.0 ha

Melaleuca brevifolia woodland    5.0 ha