(KI) Reptiles

Reptile Species recorded during Biological Survey

Resource Management Branch of DEHAA (Robinson 1989, 1990)

Ergernia multiscutata                               Bull skink

Liopholis (formerly Ergernia) whitii          Whites skink

Heriergis peronii                                       Four-toed earless Skink

Lamprophotis guichenoti                           Garden Skink

Lerista bouganvillii                                   Bouganvilles Skink

Lerista dorsalis                                         Southern Four-toed Skink

Morethia obscura                                     Mallee Snake-eye

Nephrurus milii                                         Thick-tailed Gecko

Phyllodactylus marmoratus                       Marbled Gecko

Varanus rosenbergii                                   Heath Goanna


Notechis ater Tiger snake is not on this list but occurs there also as seen in the photograph taken by JS below.


Thick tailed Geckos JS 2016