Tothill Ranges Survey

(information from the report of the Nature Conservation Society of SA Inc., April 2014- authors Tim Milne, Georgina Mollison and Erin Sautter)

A survey of the flora and fauna in the Tothill range was undertaken by the Nature conservation Society in the spring of 2008 using many volunteers from Bushland Conservation Ltd as well as others. The survey aimed to assess the biodiversity of the region for this significant area of remnant vegetation. Sixteen sites were selected and surveyed for flora and fauna. A total of 223 species of plants were recorded, 182 (82%) were native and 41 were introduced weed species.  18 mammals (including seven bats) were recorded. Ten native mammals were identified to species level, two of the seven bats were identified to genus level (the remainder to species level) and five introduced species were identified.  44 birds, 43 native and one introduced species were recorded. Three species were of state conservation significance: the White Winged Chough, the Peregrine Falcon and the Diamond Firetail. 17 reptiles made up of fifteen lizard and snake species were recorded. Three native amphibian species were found in the surveys. Eight plant species and six animal species of state conservation significance were recorded.