2020 September Newsletter

Hello everyone,


As previously advertised, the AGM this year is to be held at Webb Gap in the Tothills on Saturday 3rd October at 1:30pm. Three directors retire by rotation. They are our current Chair, Alison Bullock, Bren Lay and myself. As reported at last year’s AGM, I will accept another term, but we are looking for a replacement secretary by the end of 2021. If anyone would like to nominate as a director please let me know. Alternatively you can nominate on the day.

The Board has discussed a draft of our new Constitution with Fraser Bell, the lawyer advising us. We believe that we are almost “there”. In the next few months we will send the possible final draft to those who volunteered to help with rewriting. An item for discussion at the AGM will be whether we call a special meeting next year after the “final” draft has been distributed to all shareholders so that a vote on its acceptance can be held.

I have attached the Profit and Loss and the Balance Sheet for your information by email. That of course has to be voted on at the AGM. The main point of difference between this year’s report and previous years’ is the positioning of the $65,300 of Commonwealth money we received to buy Rockleigh. Rather than being a loan and listed as a liability it now appears under shareholders equity. This is a result of it being confirmed that the initial grant now has no strings to it.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the AGM. I guess social distancing will still be a factor of life to consider when greeting each other. Please feel welcome to make a camping weekend of it. I will be there from Friday to Monday as I am sure will others. If you need directions, please let me know.


Both John and Andrew have been reimbursed for mileage travelled in the work they do in the Tothills, with more available for next year’s expenses. Andrew has already purchased some motion sensitive cameras and is familiarising himself with their operation.

Peter Vincent has invigorated the Rockleigh management group and is assisting us in applying for the newly available Heritage Agreement grants. The aim will be to revegetate some of the Rockleigh land specifically to help the Diamond Firetails survive each year. We will be using Grace Hodder’s research and recommendations to help in the application. (Grace has recently finished her PhD studies on the Diamond Firetail in the Mt Lofty Ranges and our property was one of her sites)

All the best