Newsletter April 13th


 Greetings All,

This is a short newsletter, but important because of the AGM.

Waiting List

As many of you are probably aware we have a waiting list for those who wish to join our company. Currently we have 9 of these people of which several are unable to raise the funds to buy a share holding in the near future, (new house commitments etc). It would be good to extend our list. If you know of anyone who may be interested and who you feel would make a good shareholder, please ask them to forward their details (name, address, email and phone no.) to me or offer to do it on their behalf. Thankyou

What will I do with my shares??

While many of us have probably already organized where our shareholding will go on our demise, I have had a few queries regarding this issue. One possibility if you have run out of other options is to give them back to “Bushland”. The benefit to the Company in doing this is that it creates a spare shareholding which can be sold if we were to buy more land, or sold to help disburse a large shareholding which may come on the market.


All the best,