KI development news

From Janine Macintosh –

Another very worrying ‘consultation’ (open until Feb 22): “How can our new planning policy better support South Australia’s economy?”, which includes the alarming quote, “A policy response will be particularly important to support eco-tourism in our more pristine areas. Nature-based tourism is a significant growth area for our state and managing development activities within these locations (such as Kangaroo Island and the Eyre Peninsula) requires a level of policy reform to create a more enabling environment.” (ie change the laws so it’s easier for developers to exploit our most pristine public landscapes.)

The private developments in Flinders Chase National Park show this in action. KI Eco-Action have produced this newsletter about it:

The Friends of Parks KI Western Districts and Friends of Dudley Peninsula Parks have suspended all voluntary work on DEW managed land, including the planned FCNP Centenary celebrations. We’ll be working on private land instead!