May 2023 Newsletter

Our three properties have come through the summer season well and have benefited from some milder
weather. In particular, the plantings at Rockleigh in recent years are growing well, providing
encouragement to continue the efforts to more fully re-vegetate this exceptional property.
Much of the focus of the current activities of the company is on Rockleigh, in preparation for the upcoming
planting season, which will provide an opportunity for members, relatives and friends to participate in the
rewarding work of re-vegetation. The company has also been actively pursuing further grants to fund an
ongoing re-vegetation program at Rockleigh. This has included a field visit by the Native Vegetation
Branch of the Department of Environment and Water to discuss the latest Native Vegetation Heritage
Agreement Grant Program. Further information will be provided to members if we are successful in
these efforts.

Property News

Rockleigh Planting June 2023
We have about 1250 seedlings to plant out this year, thanks to our many willing growers. Unfortunately
there is no grant money to help fund this planting effort and so, without the support of GWLAP, we are
seeking additional volunteers to undertake the planting over two weekends.

The first volunteer day will be on held Saturday 17th June to prepare the planting area by scalping the
ground where a plant is to go and auguring a hole. This is reasonably physical and time consuming work
and your support would be greatly appreciated. You will really need a mattock (grubber) or long handled
fire rake to effectively clear the weeds and create a bowl for watering.

The following weekend (24th and 25th June) will be the planting days. We should be able to get most, if not all, planted on the Saturday, and the Sunday will be used to mop up.

Any help you can give on either or both weekends will be greatly appreciated and friends and relatives are
most welcome. Some of us will certainly be camping out over the second weekend and you are welcome to join us. Please come prepared with lunch, hats etc, perhaps a trowel, gloves and bucket for watering if you have one, although there will be plenty on site.

The planting site is the north west corner of the property so you need to drive down the ridge and across
the ford. Ribbons will be in place to guide you. We can provide a ferry service if you are uncomfortable
with driving down the track and across the ford.

Please contact me by email, mobile text or phone (Peter Vincent 0419 500 597) if you are planning to come or have any questions.

Company News
Next AGM

A reminder that the next AGM will be held at the Tothills property on Saturday 14 October starting at 1:30
pm. More details including directions will be provided closer to the time.

New Members
The Board, at its last meeting, voted unanimously to offer Angela Wilde and Nic Nicol the opportunity to
become members of the company through the issue of new shares at the most recent share sale price.
This was made possible by using the vacant shareholding that became available following a recent share
transaction. The monies raised will be used to fund the ongoing management and conservation of our
properties as well as provide some financial flexibility for the future.
As many of you are aware, Angela and Nic have contributed hugely as volunteers to the Company through their efforts at the Rockleigh property. Among their achievements have been the collection, cleaning and drying of local provenance native seeds, the establishment of a seed bank and the propagation of some 4000 tube stock. As well as participating in the general planting programmes, the planting out of the native grass enclosures has largely been through their efforts. This work will greatly help in more efficiently sourcing substantial amount of seeds from several species of native grasses, a critical food source for Diamond Firetail finches. They also set up a walking trail to showcase some 50 plant species when they flower in spring and have published a booklet to help identify many of the more common plants on the property.
Angela and Nic are worthy and enthusiastic additions to our membership and we warmly welcome them
into the company.

Talyara Property
Some of the board and company members had an opportunity to visit a property known as Talyara
approximately 10 km NW of Laura, on the eastern flanks of the southern Flinders Ranges. The property is
covered by Heritage agreements and extends over an area of 486 hectares. The property is well vegetatedby sclerophyll woodland and forest typical of this area. There are no substantial issues with the property but the current ownership group is considering the ongoing management of it and their involvement. Bushland Conservation and representatives of the Talyara ownership group have had discussion about this property but as yet there is no firm proposal. The membership will be kept up to date on any developments.

Best wishes,
Peter Vincent

Hope to see you out at Rockleigh for the planting days.
Mobile 0419500597