May Newsletter

Greetings All,

Two down and one to go! Attached is a copy of the updated Tothills Management Plan. Many thanks to all contributors whether in rewriting out of date sections, updating details, proof reading, supplying photos or putting it all together. We all hope you enjoy the finished product. One tricky bit is what to do about printed copies? Can you print a coloured version for yourself or are you like me and have a black and white printer? I would be interested to hear from you whether you would like the Company to print copies for everyone (once all plans are complete) or whether to leave it to individuals to do their own. The Company will need to print copies for the half a dozen members without emails and we will continue to supply new shareholders with a printed copy.

John recently hosted a good gathering of the Friends of Private Bushland group on our Tothills property. The weather was great and John conducted a short and interesting walk in the Webb Gap area after giving the group a rundown on the history of our Company. The highlight was the mass of yakkas growing on the rocky ridge above the campsite. Despite having finished flowering they provided a spectacular scene. (See the first photograph in the Management Plan taken a few weeks prior to this outing). Thanks John.