Newsetter August 2017

  1. Call

The annual call of $100 is now overdue. Many thanks to the 36 who have already paid. If you have any problems paying at this time please let me know.

Management Plan Question

Those of you who have not as yet said whether you would like a printed copy of the updated management plans, please do so by the end of next week (Friday 18th Aug). My thanks to those of you who promptly replied.

If you don’t receive emails you will get a copy of the plans.


As reported earlier, the AGM this year is to be held in the Tothills at 1:30 on Saturday 7th October at the usual site in the regrowth at Webb Gap. Several of us will be camping on at least the Friday and Saturday nights so please feel free to join us. (A ‘not very long drop’ loo will be in position! )

Denzel Murfett will speak of his work photographing and collecting the seeds of rare plants. See ( Retiring Directors are myself, Alison Bullock and Bren Lay. All three of us have renominated . If you would like to become a Director, and particularly if you would like the challenge of being secretary at some stage, please nominate yourself by letting me know by the end of August or have someone nominate you at the meeting.

Rockleigh Working Bee

A very successful working bee was conducted over the last weekend of July despite some very unpleasant weather. The track to the old campsite which had been overgrown by all the regrowth was tamed and the track itself repaired and upgraded to ensure water causes less erosion. The netting on the northern boundary fence was reattached where necessary and kangaroo runs filled in to prevent access by sheep. Some 50-60 plants were planted and many guards removed or replaced. Much weeding around plants was carried out. The invading false caper, Euphorbia terracina, was hand pulled but is an ongoing problem. Quite a bit of veldt grass was removed from the campsite area and around established plantings.

Due to the high winds and some rain we were unable to do the spraying of the slashed area of veldt grass or remove overhanging limbs along the southern fence line. That will be done in the next few weeks by the Rockleigh management group. See below for more details.