2020 July Newsletters

Newsletter July 10th

Hello everyone,

Working Bee

The working group for Rockleigh have set aside the first week-end in August (1st and 2nd) for a working bee. There are a number of tasks to be done:

  1. Many plants need weeding
  2. Many corflute guards need to be replaced with larger mesh guards
  3. False caper and box thorns need to be sprayed

I hope to camp  on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and would welcome any others who wish to stay a night or two. A long drop loo will be in place.

The plan is to work on the Saturday, official start 10am, and leave Sunday free to bird watch, botanise, walk or whatever, but you are welcome to come on the Saturday just to be social, at a distance of course, or just to enjoy the environment. If you arrive before 10am, meet at the current campsite for a cuppa, or go to the old campsite where much of the work will be done.

Equipment that would be useful if you have it is:- Back pack sprayer, mattock, trowel, hammer, pliers and gloves. We hope to see you there.


Largely due to some excellent record keeping by Andrew Wurst, we have won a $5,000 grant to fund Andrew’s and John’s travel for soursob and fox control as well as to purchase 3 motion sensitive cameras.

This Sunday

On Sunday 12th July, Friends of Private Bushland are holding an outing which starts at our Rockleigh property at 10am. Bren Lay will outline the history of the place, talk about its geology and vegetation and lead a walk if required. All welcome.


As of this morning, 25 members have paid their annual fee, some with a generous donation. Many thanks to you all and a reminder to everyone else that the $100 is now due. Payment details are repeated here.

( Please note: I try to send an email acknowledgement of all payments so you know it has been received. For those on ordinary mail I send the acknowledgement as a note on the next newsletter.)

Methods of payment are in the emailed newsletter.

All the best Graham

Newsletter July 1

The recent news from KI about bandicoots and dunnarts is interesting and heartening as is the sale of lot 4, adjacent to our property, to KI Wildlife Network. The cat eradication on Dudley Peninsula is underway and it will be great to get some information on how it is going.

Reports from the western end of the island indicate pockets of unburnt vegetation harbouring a variety of birds and mammals. The problem is insufficient food to see them through to the recovery of the burnt area. Some translocation of species (eg emu wrens) is being done (and cats removed!)

In the meantime, Rockleigh has received a reasonable amount of rain and some of the eucalypts are flowering brilliantly.


Several things have happened at Rockleigh over the last few months. Bren has engaged a well qualified “deer stalker” to sort out our deer problem. He walks around on a moon lit night but has so far seen none although he has reported many kangaroos. Nic and Angela have solved the silting up of the pipes under the ford. They have also planted out a variety of seedlings raised from seed collected on the property. If you are visiting Rockleigh you will notice that the wood pile at the campsite is very neat, also thanks to Nic. Angela, Nic, Peter Vincent. Marg Brown and I have also weeded a number of the seedlings planted out over the last few years.

There is much more weeding to be done. More substantial guards are required for many of the trees and shrubs. False caper is once again appearing on the roadside and on our southern edge. There are a few box thorn bushes that need to be removed. So there is plenty of work to be done with the possibility of a weekend working bee in the next month or two




In the Tothills, John and Andrew have just completed the spraying of sour sobs and Andrew is now able to relieve John of that annual task in the future. Our thanks to you both.


Now before I forget, the main purpose of this newsletter is to remind you that the annual maintenance fee of $100 is now due. With Covid19 and the issues involved, this could be a financial strain on some. Please let me know if this is the case