Newsletter June 2016

 Greetings All,

I have had a couple of trips to Rockleigh recently. One was notable for the heavy fog which enveloped the area. It was quite eerie wandering about and not being able to see much further than about 50m. That visit was after the very windy Monday in May which resulted in the destruction of several large trees, mainly Callitris, including the old one by the creek that once hosted an eagle’s nest.

Apart from that the property is looking good with reshooting on eucalypts up to 4m high and lots of seedlings still trying to gain ascendency over their many neighbours. Bird life continues to abound with about 40 species noted including restless flycatchers.


Recently, Marg Brown and I attended a “Celebration of BushBids” at Cambrai. It proved a very interesting day with several recipients of BushBids relating their stories on how the money had helped them in their conservation issues. Bushland, through the efforts of Bill Matheson, received a grant of about $4700 in 2006 which ran over 5 years and was used to help with pest problems on Rockleigh. A general question / answer session at the end showed how much people had enjoyed the expert help available as well as the money and how disappointed most were that the program is now in its final year. The morning tea and lunch supplied by the local “Hall” ladies was of course exceptional.

As a follow-up, Nicola Barnes, Senior Project Officer Ranges to River with the SA Murray-Darling Basin NRM, joined Marg and me at Rockleigh where she helped put up 10 very sturdy guards (which she supplied) over some young Casuarinas that the roos were eating. She also offered some good advice on ways to go about tackling the Veldt Grass problem and ways she can use funding to help us.

A Thank-you

Thanks to Bryn Troath, a long time member, who recently donated a 2 0litre backpack pressure sprayer for weed control. Unfortunately, there is much it could be used for!!