Public Parks NOT Private Playgrounds – Get Back on the Track!

Kangaroo Island Update 19/02/2019 forwarded  from Janine Macintosh, Bushland Conservation member and a passionate advocate for the KI environment.
Friends of Parks members on Kangaroo Island have ceased volunteering on parks and reserves in protest over the decision to build two luxury private accommodation villages on prominent fragile coastal sites in wild and unspoilt parts of Flinders Chase National Park. The sites are outside the development zones listed in the Park Management Plan (Amendment 2017). There was no community consultation.
Members of other Friends of Parks groups and other community organisations have joined the protest against the development. What is happening in Flinders Chase can happen elsewhere.
What are we protesting about? The 5-day Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail already has four campsites adjacent to existing road access and discreetly located in secluded sites away from sensitive coastal habitats. However, the Department of Environment and Water has endorsed a proposal by the Australian Walking Company to develop two private luxury accommodation villages away from the Trail: • each village has 10 substantial buildings, plus water tanks, lookouts and    connecting paths • they are located up to 3 km from the Wilderness Trail • they are conspicuously placed on pristine coastal sites overlooking wild    and remote beaches • an additional 3 km of road will be bulldozed through native vegetation    to service them • they require an additional 7 km of cleared walking track to connect them with the Trail.
What do we want? The Minister and his Department to return this development to the one specified in the Management Plan and in the investment documents: that is for small scale luxury accommodation along the trail, close to existing road access and away from the sensitive coastal zone.

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