(KI) Introduction

Bushland Conservation Pty Ltd was incorporated in Adelaide on 18 august 1975 as False Cape Conservation Pty Ltd. The memorandum of association states, inter alia, that:

the sole object for which the company is established is to purchase and/or lease land in its natural state in order to secure the same from agricultural exploitation and to protect and preserve existing landscape, flora and fauna.

Four people, RH, IH JS and MS concerned by the rapid rate of land clearance on Kangaroo Island, formed the company as a means of cooperatively purchasing and protecting a large area of bushland. With the incorporation of Bushland Conservation Pty Ltd, the company’s first area of land (971 ha)was acquired on the Dudley peninsula , Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The foresight and innovative approach of these four individuals has provided the vehicle through which many like-minded people have been able to contribute to the purchase and protection of bushland.Much has been achieved through out shareholders combined efforts in the company where individual efforts may have foundered.

Subsequent purchases of land and expansion of the company have secured adjoining tracts of land on Kangaroo Island , extensive holdings in the Tothill Ranges, and a small property near Rockleigh. The company now has 50 shareholders who are dedicated to its objectives and in the sense that no dividends are paid nor expected it has few parallels in Australia.

In a world where the threats to our natural ecosystems are ever increasing shareholders are able to enjoy access to tracts of bushland in prime condition. Our members recognise that the sense of shared ownership and certainty of purpose that have grown from within our company are some of our greatest assets and provide a source of great personal renewal. Shareholders come from varied backgrounds and are often heavily engaged in conservation work in less congenial surroundings. They equip the company with a broad range of skills that can be utilised, from land and business management to public education.

The company operates mainly through the efforts of the company secretary and a board of elected honorary directors, with shareholders being given formal input through the annual general meetings and other shareholder meetings and campouts. Meetings are held wherever possible on company holdings and voluntary working bees are held when work is required on the land.

Company law changes since our formation now make it essential to reconfirm our commitment to the company objective annually. This is accomplished through a vote of approval of the Company Charter at each AGM. It details aims which are essential components of the company’s original objective and which should guide shareholder actions.