(KI) Vegetation

Bauer’s 1959 map shows the area to be covered by Eucalyptus rugosa association.   Mowling and Barritt (1980) included the land in their Dudley 13 unit. Their summary indicated that the major landform, unconsolidated dunes, swales and low sandrises, supported a mallee shrub formation of Eucalyptus rugosa and E. diversifolia, with E. oleosa and E. cneorifolia on some swales or flats . Other trees present include E. lansdowneana subsp. albopurpurea, and Callitris preissii.

The vegetation is dense with an excellent understorey which includes a number of rare and uncommon species. Among those of conservation significance is the coastal helmet orchid, Corybas despectans. classified as vulnerable for the whole of South Australia. One species classified as threatened is Slender Spear Grass, Stipa scabra subsp. falcata.

Other species of conservation significance, which are classified as rare for Kangaroo Island and/or South Australia, include:

Microlepidium pilosulum (Hairy Shepherd’s Purse), Gahnia deusta (Limestone Saw-Sedge), Schoenus nitens (Shiny Bog-rush), Distichlus distriophylla (Emu Grass), Eucalyptus oleosa (Red Mallee), Calandrina filamentosa var. tentaculata (Wispy Spider Orchid), Billardiera versicolor (Pale Apple Berry), Calandrina brevipedata (Parakeelya), Mimulus repens (Creeping Monkey Flower), and Lilaeopsis polyantha (Lilaeopsis).

More than 190 species have been recorded on the land to date, (see KI Flora- Plant Species List & Conservation Status compiled by Denzel Murfet.)


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